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December 2018: Having been in the passenger shipping industry over fifty-eight years, having commenced in Wellington New Zealand as an office boy with a major shipping company, I then became an agent selling berths on liners sailing to and from the UK and Europe ports, as well other ports on the way. Also popular at that time were Trans Tasman voyages as well as Pacific services with the Union Steamship Company “Passenger Banana ships” the MS Matua and MS Tofua, and the occasional cruises.

In due course I was sourced by the head of a major shipping company in Australia and was asked if I was interested to manage its office, which I did with great success. I was then called upon from Europe to become the CEO of major Passenger Shipping Company with five ships in operation with the largest being 34,000 Gross Tons, two 25,000 ton ships, and several 20,000 tonners. However, in due course I operated a successful Cruise Company in the 1980’s, therefore it makes sense that I have a great love for classic and traditional passenger liners as well as passenger-cargo ships, including those U.S. WW2 built Victory & C3/C4 cargo ships, many of which were converted into humble migrant ships, but some even became handsome looking modern liners, such as the Sitmar Lines TSS Fairsky. In addition, I have also added online a good number of the traditional classic liners that have become well known as cruise ships!

Having commenced the Save the Classic Liners Campaign 29 years ago, it has been my good fortune to have been directly involved in saving some worthwhile passenger ships since 1990, but I commenced it officially online in 1995! The best known magnificent liner/cruise ship I was closely involved with for quite some time, was the great Dutch Liner SS Rotterdam V, which is now a wonderful Hotel in her homeport of Rotterdam, Holland!

The Author & founder of & &….. Founder of:

Seen whilst on a voyage from Australia to the United Kingdom..

Of course, there have been far too many sad losses, with some wonderful ships having gone to the breakers, but thankfully there have also been some sweet victories! One great story is located down this page, being the recent official dedication and opening of the Dock and parkland at the Canadian Pacific Lakes luxury liner SS Keewantin, although I had no actual hand in the saving this ship, just supporting the cause online and thus doing so financially!

However friends, we must remember there are still some fine classic ships that are left which are worth saving, but the sad news is that the beautiful Portuguese liner, and ex presidential Yacht and Cruise Ship, the MV Funchal, has been sold, but not for her to continue cruising but to become a Hotel in London. She is the first Item below!

But please keep supporting to Save Worthwhile Classic Liners & Cruise Ships!

Sadly the great SS United States remains where she has been for so very long and the “SS United States Conservancy” at first it seemed to be doing a wonderful job, but then there was a setback and nothing has really happened and the once magnificent ship is now badly deteriorating and to be honest nothing, and I do mean nothing is happening, more below.

Thankfully the news for our beloved QE2 is just great! Read her story down the page! For “Hotel Queen Elizabeth 2” Dubai, had her official “soft opening” in April 2018, and her grand official opening in October!

Just Updated on June 29, 2018 is the amazing 85 year old T.S. Queen Mary a Clyde ship, which is beautifully being restored, but friends, I need you to give them a hand financially from all over the globe, for it is not cheap for all these volunteers to do this work, yes there has been some great supporters, but we need you as well. Come and be part of something that will see the ship open in 2019, and know we have all achieved something very special. Long Live the Queen!

Therefore, come aboard, and support our very special work that continues to be done by so many good people as shown just above, and I am satisfied knowing that together we can do something, for doing something when assisting organisations or smaller dedicated groups in saving a part of maritime history is worthwhile! Remember, becoming part of saving a ship will last long into the future, and it will be something that you, your children and their children will come to know and see what a real ship actually looks like, rather than those great big hideous square boxlike floating apartment blocks (condos), come resort style theme parks, that they call sadly cruise ships today, the truth is they do not look like a ship at all, it is maritime architecture and design gone completely wrong!

In Conclusion:

I sincerely thank all my wonderful supporters who over the many years have supported this campaign as well as my four maritime, and cruise sites, which have now received an amazing 522.8 million readers/visitors to date. I am indeed touched by your support and your kindnesses, especially for the countless emails that arrive daily.

Reuben Goossens.

Maritime Historian, Author, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer & Lecturer.

Commenced in the Passenger Shipping Industry in 1960.


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MV Funchal


Good News for Hotel Queen Elizabeth 2


SS United States, SS Keewatin


TS Queen Mary, MV Cape Don



MV Funchal has been Sold

The beautiful long sleek lines of the MV Funchal is seen above at twilight


The “Save the MV Funchal Campaign” has at least brought the ship onto the world stage, for there was little interest in her for a long time, thus I decided to place her online, and finally enquiries commenced to come in.

This wonderful 1961 ship has been on the market since 2013, as from February 7, 2w017 I had been in contact with a group who were in the process of obtaining her, and all certainly seemed to be going well, as this group who had individuals with excellent shipping backgrounds such as; Holland America Line & P&O etc, however, finally even before the auction they failed to obtain her due to financing problems. And believe me, it was on an off again affair much like a yo-yo, or more like a joke! Whoever they were dealing with simply could not be trusted, and I could write a book on this whole affair, as I have enough detail to make it interesting! But, sadly she will now become a “Flotel” in London, thus it is the end of her days at sea.

Sold for US$4.4 million to Signature Living Hotels Limited UK:

Then at Auction in Lisbon on December 2018, with one of my associates present, the superbly beautiful MV Funchal was sold to “Signature Living Hotels” a British based hotel group for €3.91m. The company intends to convert the Funchal into a “Flotel”, and she will be moored near Canary Wharf in London.

The parent company, “Signature Living Hotels Limited”, owns all SPV’s and subsidiaries within the group, and their spokesman stated;

“We intend to permanently moor this fine classic liner in close proximity of Canary Wharf. The “Funchal Flotel will become a welcome addition to the cities supply of quality hotel stock and we are confident that the Funchal Flotel will enjoy excellent occupancy levels within a short time of her completion. Signature Living Hotels Ltd, current hotel estate operates on 94% average occupancy rates, which is much higher than the industry standard.”


Of course I have to be honest, I had hoped for her to continue cruising, for she is simply beautiful inside and her machinery is still fine! She would have had a good ten to fifteen years left in her as a fully operastional cruise ship!

But now, let us look at this amazing ships history, for she remains the finest Classic Intimate Yacht-Like Cruise Ships in the world!

A Brief History of an Amazing Ship that only ever had the Name “Funchal”:

The Trans-Atlantic Liner, SS Funchal is seen as built in 1961

This superbly Danish built liner departed on her maiden voyage in 1961, she rapidly became a greatly loved and cherished ship, and amazingly steam ship Funchal is one of a very few beautiful Classic liners that continues to be fully operational today.

Although today, she is now a motor vessel, and she is excellent condition and is able to continue for at least another 15 to 20 years as a very successful cruise ship.

Funchal the Presidential Yacht:

From 1968 to 1972 she operated a number of special charters for the State of Portugal and she served as the State Presidential Yacht to and from Portugal to South America, the reason she was chosen from the many fine Portuguese liners is that she was the finest ship in the fleets to transport dignitaries of the highest rank in perfect comfort and in the best of style!

New Diesel Engines Installed:

After her last Presidential voyage in 1972, it was decided to send her to Amsterdam in The Netherlands where her old steam turbines, which had been troublesome on occasions, were removed and two brand new ultra reliable “Werkspoor” 9-Cylinder Diesel Engines were installed, they developed 2 x 5,000 BHP. Although these engines would provide her with a slightly slower speed, but as her future would be more as an attractive one class cruise ship, there was no need for speed, as it was in the days for an ‘express service’ during her Trans-Atlantic Liner days.

During her refit, her delightful exterior profile thankfully remained almost unchanged, although a new sunken deck section was added topside located just forward of her funnel and her aft decks were somewhat extended.

MV Funchal is seen after her refit, with the new deckhouse forward of her funnel and lengthened aft decks

The White Cruise Ship:

Not long thereafter the company decided to have her painted all white, with a thin blue ribbon, but with the same yellow and black topped funnel, and she continued cruising. However, soon thereafter EIN Portuguese companies merged with Cia Portuguesa de Transportes Maritimos (CPTM) and her funnel was painted all yellow, but with a broad green band with thin white ones surrounding it.

Classic International Cruises:

In 1976 that one of the most famous Greek shipping magnates and a dear friend, Mr. George Petros Potamianos, chartered the MV Funchal to operate a series of cruises. This venture proved to be a great success. He dearly loved the beautiful Funchal thus in 1985 he decided buy her outright for his company “Great Warwick Inc” and “Arcalia Shipping Company,” all of their ships were marketed under the name of “Classic International Cruises.” The company was again a huge success operating five ships in and around in Europe, the United Kingdom, the USA, as well as Australia. These five ships were, as per date constructed; MV Athena, ex MS Stockholm (1948), MV Princess Daphne & Princess Danae, ex MS Port Sydney & Port Melbourne (1955), MV Funchal, ex SS Funchal (1961) and the MV Arion, ex MS Istra (1965).

Funchal based in Australia:

The Funchal was based in Australia during the southern summer months in 2004, and she operated out of the Port of Fremantle (Perth - Western Australia) to South East Asia as well as Australian ports. In addition of course to line voyages to and from the United Kingdom to Australia, etc, which were very popular!

‘Classic International Cruises’ MV Funchal is seen departing Sydney on March 4, 2006

I clearly recall when we heard that the Funchal was being replaced by the MV Athena as (built the MS Stockholm 1948 still sailing as the MV Astoria today), knowing it was her last voyage from Australia I decided to be on board during her final voyage to the UK in 2008, but I also sailed on the Athena to the UK via the 1. The Suez Canal in 2011 and 2. Via South Africa in 2012, it was during the last cruise I was to receive a visit from Mr. Potamianos in Lisbon, but sadly he had been taken very ill to hospital, and he passed away as I said before I reached the UK. However his two sons, who took over the company, just as I knew, managed to destroy this amazing company before the years end, for they were reckless and wasteful to say the least, and whatever they touched turned sour! The Funchal, Porto, as well as the two Princess’ Daphne & Danae were laid up.

Portuscale Cruises:

In due course they were sold to a Portuguese hotel and resort entrepreneur Mr. Rui Alegre. However, having checked him out at an early stage I had absolutely no confidence in this man or his new cruise company, as I was well aware that they had no knowledge of the shipping/cruise industry in any shape or form, and all those in the shipping industry, as I have been since 1960, know very well that it is a very specialised industry, not just a floating hotel, come resort operation! I stated right from the start, when they commenced and said; that “… they will not last any longer than two years the most”, and guess what, I was proved right!

Portuscale Cruises purchased the MV Funchal as well as three of the other ships the MV Princess Danae renamed Lisboa, MV Arion renamed Porto and MV Athena renamed Azores only the Funchal retained the name she was given the day she was launched and it will not be changed!

In 2013 the Funchal received a massive refit in order to commence a new life with Portuscale Cruises, and she received many of the very latest and modern instrumentation and equipment. After her trial voyages, and when she was up in Scandinavia, she finally received her final SOLAS and Safety certifications etc, and she was certificated to continue sailing. However, by 2015 the Portuscale was bust, and the MV Porto and Funchal was laid up in Lisbon.

The wonderful MV Funchal (and the Porto, which was sold to Indian breakers) are seen laid up together in Lisbon awaiting a buyer.

MV Funchal - 2018:

The Funchal is without a doubt not only a maritime treasure, but she has been officially obtained by a new owner, who will make her ready for a completely new role, as a London “Flotel” at Canary Wharf. I believe that she will be successful, for the company has a good record, thus she will now join ships like the great SS Rotterdam, just across the North Sea in the Port of Rotterdam, Holland, and the superb MV Queen Elizabeth 2, now a fine hotel in Dubai

But, considering she was constructed by a Danish shipyard, much like the amazing MS Stockholm built in 1948, which was superbly rebuilt by the Italians into the MV Italia Prima, but she came into her prime as the MV Athena and currently she is the MV Astoria, and amazingly at the time of writing she is still cruising 2019. The MV Funchal should have sailed on, for she is almost 14 years younger than the ex MS Stockholm.

This is the Funchal as we love to see her, but instead we will say “Farewell old Girl, we will come and visit you in London!”


Visit the SS/MV Funchal History page



Hotel Queen Elizabeth 2 ~ Latest News

Berthed at: Port Rashid Dubai, UAE


“Hotel Queen Elizabeth 2” Has Opened on April 18, 2018:


“Hotel Queen Elizabeth 2” seen at Port Mina with the Marina astern

the main Terminal, containing the Front Desk, the QE2 & Cunard Museum

Yes, it is true the “Hotel Queen Elizabeth 2” has finally opened, as her operators have stated in an advertisement; “Discover a world of gastronomy, entertainment and nightlife experiences onboard the QE2. From casual and fine dining, to grand theatres and nightclubs, she will have a selection of 12 diverse venues to uncover at her prime location in Dubai’s Mina Rashid"

Prior to her opening, the QE2 was moved from Port Rashid to the Dubai Dry Dock N 3 where she received an exceptional makeover as described below.

The QE2 is seen being moved to Dubai’s-Dry-Dock N 3

It was exciting, when she was moved to dry dock on March 18, 2018 and a great deal of work commenced on her with countless workers worked on her around the clock. For only the third time in history, the QE2’s hull was stripped back to bare metal, and she was fully repainted with fresh new paint.

In addition, all her openings below the waterline were welded shut; this included her bow thrusters, as well as her stabilisers, and then sadly her propellers were removed. Of course her lifeboats and the davits had already been removed, and this gave them the opportunity for the boat deck to be widened.

Here we see the QE2 in Dubai Dry Dock N 3

In addition another on her stern is the ships name; “Queen Elizabeth 2” and directly below her name, they affixed somewhat larger distinctive “DUBAI” tourism logo, as well as “Mina Rashid” directly below, where the port of registration would be.

Here we see Hotel Queen Elizabeth 2 new stern

When I last saw the QE2 in Dubai on September 21, 2009 at that time she was no longer registered in Southampton, but in “Port Vila Vanuatu”, I had already heard on the grapevine that “on her stern, “SOUTHAMPTON” had disappeared,” as far as I know that happened some time earlier, but it was sad to see this once great Royal Mail Ship registered in such a small Pacific Island country.

The stern of the QE2 - How sad is thos photo?

QE2 in Dubai on September 21, 2009 – Note that she is registered in Port Vila

I took this photograph from the forward part of the Dawn Princess

whilst on a 106 day around the world cruise on September 21, 2009

Photograph Reuben Goossens

But the good news is that we expect that QE2 Hotel, Museum Function, Dinning and Leisure Centre is now open, by around the end of April, and considering we have all waited such a long time, a very long 10 years in fact, we should be rejoicing and hope that our Great Queen of the Seas will be a huge success as a fine Luxury Hotel!

The great QE2 as we remember her as a fine and popular Cruise Ship, seen here at anchor


Visit my comprehensive all New Hotel Queen Elizabeth 2 page


Or visit the official website


Also View the “QE2 Story” located below the MV Doulos




S.S. United States

The superbly built and a beautifully balanced Liner, the fastest ship in the world, S.S. United States is seen here as built


Sadly there is NO News to Provide … as Dr. P. Davis wrote; “This once great liner is badly languishing and she now looks “more like a huge Rust Bucket”

News Update: The SS United States Conservancy continues its efforts to secure a permanent location for America’s Flagship and is attempting to identify partners that share that vision. But sadly nothing has really been happening and the ship has been languishing and she is looking a wreck, as I have been told by my readers.

However, with New York having rejected the ship, she has been in the Port of Philadelphia but again, after stories of hope, nothing ever happens, as we watch this great ship deteriorate and everyone desires her to go as far away as possible! Of course this will please people living in the port region, as I have been told for frankly the vast majority are simply “fed up with this decaying monster on our doorstep.”

Although, all sorts of plans have been announced for her to become a museum and a tourist attraction it now seems that there are absolutely no interested parties left who have any desire to spend a fortune to turn her into a tourist attraction. The truth is that she looks more like a giant empty damp rust bucket, and it hurts me to say that, but sadly the photographs tend to indicate her poor state at this time, thus let’s hope for the best.

Friends, it saddens me to have written about the Great SS United States in the manner as I have above, but even I have provided funds over the years and have certificates, for owning plans, and parts of one of her funnels, and just donations, etc, etc. The funds have gone into a large organisation, and little has been actually spent in upkeep on the ship. Yes there are berthing dues, but they have received huge donations from large donors to cover most of that! Just let us hope that at least a miracle might happen and that this wonderful ship might be saved, that someone else may just come along and take her away from her current owners and do something that is worthwhile, not just all TALK!


Save the Classic Liners has supported the SS United States Conservancy from the very beginning & continues to do so!


Visit the SS United States Conservancy Page


The ships builder’s plate taken quite some time ago!



The QE2 Story

In July 2007 the QE2 was sold to Istithmar being the investment arm of “Dubai World” a wholly owned company of the Government of Dubai. However she would be taken over by Nakheel, also a “Dubai World” company would redevelop her and construct the new islands being built known as the “Palm Jumeirah” where she was going to be berthed to become a major luxury hotel. Istithmar paid and estimate 65 million (British Pounds) for the QE2.

Having completed her final official cruise, the QE2 departed Southampton for the very last time on November 11, 2008, and she began her farewell voyage to Dubai. She arrived on the evening of 26 November 26, 2008 in a flotilla of around 120 vessels that were there to greet her including the MV Dubai, being the personal yacht of Sheikh Mohammed the ruler of Dubai. QE2 was greeted with a fly-past from an Emirates A380 jet as well as a huge fireworks display, while thousands of people gathered at the Mina Rashid, waving of British and United Arab Emirates flags.

It was a fitting welcome and her future seemed assured, however things was not as it seemed for the financial crisis of 2008 caused Dubai to have a financial freefall and the wealthiest of its citizens escaped the country, even leaving their Mercedes and BMW’s and super luxury cars at the airport as they escaped the financiers who were about to pounce on them, for most emptied their accounts and run. This disaster also left the QE2 high and dry and although she was reregistered cheaply in Vanuatu in Port Vila in 2008, she had been well maintained by around 100 workers until recently, but most have now gone, with just a very small number remaining to keep her reasonably tidy. However reports state that she is suffering, especially in areas that are from view and behind the scenes.

Interesting background on the QE2:

QE2 sailed an amazing 5.6 million nautical miles that is more than any other ship ever I know about, in other words that is like travelling to the moon and back 13 times. She has accommodated approximately 2.5 million guests and completed 802 Atlantic crossings and 24 full world cruises, thus some 1,438 voyages. That is an excellent record indeed!

What will be her future?

A close up of a clean looking ship as she had recently been repainted

Photograph Reuben Goossens

The Timeline of the SS/MV Queen Elizabeth 2:

1964 - Cunard signs a contract to build the ship with John Brown Shipyard Clydebank, Scotland.

1967 - September 20 the ship was launched by HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

1968 – QE2 undertakes her deep sea trails; the first was on November 26 to 29, and the second, December 17 to 19.

1968 - QE2 departs on her maiden voyage, being a cruise from Greenock to the Canary Islands with the author on board. Sadly the ship developed turbine troubles and she had to return to her builders.

1969 - After renewed trails on April 1 to 8, Cunard takes delivery of the QE2 on April 18 for the second time.

1969 - On May 2 the QE2 commences her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City, officially taking four days, 16 hours and 35 minutes.

1970 - She crosses the Atlantic Westbound in record time of just three days, 20 hours and 42 minutes.

1972 - QE2 undergoes a refit and rebuilding as penthouses added to the top of the ship, altering her external appearance. Accommodating 604 First, 1,223 Tourist, and 1,740 one class when cruising.

1975 - QE2 departs from Southampton on her first World voyage, the first of many world cruises.

1982 - The QE2 was requisitioned by the British government as troopship to operate in Falklands Islands Campaign. She carried 3,000 troops and 650 volunteer crew to the South Atlantic. However, she was kept well out of the way for no harm was to become her, for the ship did carry the name of Her Majesty the Queen, the Sovereign of Britain, thus she was kept far out of harm at all times, unlike the SS Canberra!

1987 – In October the SS Queen Elizabeth 2 made her final Trans Atlantic crossing from New York under steam as she was about to head to Germany where her new diesel engines were to be installed and an extensive refit and remodelling at a cost of US$162 million.

1988 –A new look MV Queen Elizabeth 2 complete with a new and far superior funnel and far more economic and faster that before, she returned to service and gained even more popularity on the Atlantic service.

1990 - Queen Elizabeth becomes the first Monarch to sail on the commercial liner with other passengers on board.

1995 - QE2 leaves New York for Southampton on her 1,000th voyage.

1996 - During her twentieth around the world cruise the QE2 passed her four millionth mile mark, and amazing feat, but there was more to come!

1998 - South African President Nelson Mandela sails on the QE2 from Durban to Cape Town. A year later the QE2 was treated to a multi-million dollar refurbishment which included all her public rooms as well as her cabins that needed updating.

2002 - QE2 passes five million miles - a world first.

2004 - The QE2 was considered as being one of the last of the great Trans Atlantic liners, for there has not been any true liners since. Although, they pretend that the Queen Mary 2 is a liner, but she certainly is not and neither was the QE 2 in her latter years, for both were then cruise ships. Although QE2 was built as a liner that would also operate cruises, but her main function was to be a liner; that means line voyages from the UK to the USA and back. Today all ships operate short and longer cruises and they may undertake the occasional cruise from the USA to and from the UK, but that does not qualify them as being a “liner”, for the encyclopaedia clearly states that a liner must be a ship that is on a regular (constant) liner service – “line voyage”!

2005 - The QE2 becomes the longest serving Cunard ship ever, surpassing the RMS Aquitania's 35 years.

2008 – November 11 Queen Elizabeth 2 departed Southampton in the evening for Dubai UAE and she was officially retired from active Cunard service.

2009 – September 21. The author saw and photographed the QE2 today whilst on a around the world cruise on Dawn Princess and noted that she was registered in Port Vila Vanuatu.

2010 – January 29. QE2 broke loose from her moorings during a storm and was only just saved from destruction by two brilliant pilots.

2012 – July, 03. Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem announced that a decision has been made to retain the ship’s exterior in her “classic and traditional shape, and install 300 rooms and use her as a hotel at the new Port Rashid International Cruise Terminal within several years! Sultan Sulayem said: “So we have decided to leave her basic design as it is. We will preserve her tradition. What we are doing today is what we should have done when we first bought her.” And I agree with him, they should have and she would have been operational by now!

2013 – July, after an Asian possibility, there are great doubts for the ship as she has no power and she will be deteriorating whilst at lay-up in Dubai!

2015 – It is sad, but she is still laid-up in a dead ship state and deteriorating day by day! Although there seems to be interest by Scotland who is now taking a second look at bringing the QE2 back to the Clyde as a Hotel and a Tourist attraction. But has she gone downhill too far gone to be saved?

2017 News of her being refitted as a hotel at Port Rashid.

2018 – QE2 moved to the Dubai Dry Dock on March 18 to have her hull scrapped and repainted, also all her underwater openings welded closed and propellers removed, as well as interior work, in readiness for her to open as a hotel.

2018 – “Hotel Queen Elizabeth 2” officially had her “Soft Opening” as a 5 Star Luxury Floating Hotel on April 18 at Port Rashid Dubai.

2018 – The Grand official opening is due to be held in October.



Canadian Pacific Railway Steamship

Click the Logo ABOVE - to enter the site


Please Note: A new Page Two has been added with the ships dock & Park dedication in June 2017 - with many new photographs!


Also Read my: S.S. Keewantin Feature a Great 110 Year Old Passenger Steam Ship



T.S. Queen Mary


With June/July 2018 Updates



The delightful 871 GRT (Gross Registered Ton) Triple Screw - T.S. Queen Mary was built by the famed Clyde Shipbuilders “William Denny & Bros Ltd” of Dumbarton on behalf of Williamson Buchanan Steamers Ltd. She was launched by Lady Colquhoun on March 30, 1933 and this fine two-funnelled ship epitomises the legendary Clyde ship building tradition and pedigree!

But the company was contacted by 1935 in regard the great new liner the RMS Queen Mary that would be launched by Her Majesty Queen Mary, thus there was a slight name change made and she became the TS Queen Mary II, but continued her regular Clyde services.

I am grateful to “Friends of TS Queen Mary Org” for the photographs provided


A rare photograph of the delightful Queen Mary sailing along the River Clyde

We are helping to let this memory live on for countless years in the future by promoting her!

Photograph from the ssmaritime collection

Queen Mary II was a spacious and certainly a comfortable ship and thus well suited to the large numbers of passengers on the service. Her passenger capacity made up for a good speed of 21 knots on her trials. Being a two class ship, having Cabin Class passengers located forward as well as the top deck extending aft giving the Steerage Class passengers a share of it, and also the sheltered space below it.

The delightful TS Queen Mary was finally retired after an evening showboat cruise from Largs to Rothesay on September 27, 1977 after which she was laid up in the “East India Harbour” at Greenock.

June 2018 Update Part One:

TS Queen Mary celebrated her 85th birthday on March 20, 2018 and guided tours were hosted in celebration of the anniversary of her combined launching on March 30, and her maiden voyage, although this was on May 20, 1933. We are sure that no one who attended the event back in 1933 would have thought that this delightful well built ship would be still be afloat 85 years later and that she will live on for a many years in the future, thanks to all those who love classic ships and liners and support these worthwhile causes!

Update Part Two is located below the Specifications.

TS Queen Mary Specifications:

Builder: William Denny & Bros Ltd., Dumbarton.

Yard: 1262.

Built for: Williamson Buchanan Steamers Ltd.

Engines: Triple Denny & Bros Steam Turbines.

Screws: Triple, direct drive.

Tonnage: 1933-1950 - 871 Gross Registered Tons.

. 1950-1957 - 917 GRT.

. 1957-onwards - 1,014 GRT.

Length: 252.5ft - 77m.

Beam: 35.1ft - 10.7m.

Draught: 10.1ft - 3.1m.

Speed: 19.5 knots max 21 knots.

Passengers: 2,086-day passengers.

Maiden Voyage: May 20, 1933.

June 2018 Update Part Two:

The following restoration progress has been made over recent weeks. Some 54 windows have been replaced on the ship’s Promenade Deck and most of these have been sponsored by local companies. Each window completed and yet to be finished has to have a new frame fabricated, seals replaced and new glass fitted. Sponsorship of a window costs 500, and in appreciation a plaque will be placed below each window engraved with the name of the respective sponsor.

This photograph shows just nine of 54 the new windows installed on Promenade Deck

Other work undertaken, are some of the decking planks on her foredeck have been removed to gain access to the metalwork below. Age and the effects of the failing composite covering applied during her years on the Thames have resulted in rot in some decking planks as well as some of the transverse frames onto which the planks are bolted. There is no steel deck below thus that resulted to water ingress!

This is the latest news regarding the 85 year old TS Queen Mary, the work of bringing her back to her old glory has been slow but the good news is that steady progress is now being made. Once the steel repairs are completed and the ship is completely weather tight, then her internal refit will commence in earnest and it is planned that by 2019 the Queen Mary should be welcoming paying public aboard for the first time in ten years!

Enter the Site to Save the TS Queen Mary Here

Please Note it is currently being updated, but some pages can be visited




The TS Queen Mary seen berthed at the Glasgow Science Centre



I am very proud to present a very special Australian ship for preservation

MV Cape Don


Like the famed historic Sydney Harbour ferry the MS Baragoola, which I strongly support in saving and preserving, and I am also adding the delightful 1963 built MV Cape Don, which is a unique all Australian vessel that should and must be retained at all costs!

The MV Cape Don was a unique purpose-built ship to service navigational aids (including manned lighthouses) all around Australia, thus being part of the “Commonwealth Lighthouse Service.”

Since retirement this excellent ship, the “MV Cape Don Society” is now responsible for restoring this delightful vessel and they will be setting up a museum on board to tell the story of her many years of dedicated service. I suggest that you visit my webpage on her, that has many interesting photographs of her and you will discover all her details as well as further links!

Visit the MV Cape Don Feature



“Blue Water Liners sailing to the distant shores.
I watched them come, I watched them go and I watched them die.”



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